DSL Transfer / churn


What is a DSL transfer (churn)?

A DSL transfer or "churn" is the process of switching from one Telstra-provided ADSL Internet Service Provider (ISP) to another. This allows you to switch to us even if you are already on DSL with another ISP. Disconnection from your existing ISP and connection to us is done in one step so the time you are offline is as little as an hour or two.


Are there any drawbacks of churning?

Your existing DSL provider must be a participant in the churn process.

If your existing provider is NOT a participant in the churn process, then you need to firstly cancel with your existing provider, and then sign up with CIADSL, and pay the full setup fee. The best way to find out whether your old provider is a participant in the churn process is to sign up with CIADSL, telling us the name of your old provider. Do not contact them directly to cancel. If we can churn you, we will.

Additionally, whether you use the churn process or not, there may be early cancellation fees payable to your existing service provider. Be sure to check your contractual obligations to them before you churn. These fees (if any) must be paid by you.


How do I use the churn process to sign-up?

To use the churn process, it is important that you DO NOT cancel with your old provider first. In fact, do not contact them at all. Simply complete our application form including the box asking for your 'Current ISP'. If we can churn you, we will. We will inform you if we are unable to churn your connection.


Can I change the speed of my DSL service in the churn process?

Yes. There will be no extra downtime even if you change the speed of your DSL line.


If I am currently with CIADSL, does the churn process mean that it's free to re-connect with CIADSL even if I move house?

No, because you will be changing phone lines and this is not considered a churn. If you change premises (even if you manage to keep your old number because you're nearby), the new ADSL service you establish in your new place is a completely new service as far as Telstra is concerned.


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